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Our school held an awards ceremony for Yuan Xiaosong
Time:2014-10-13 14:13:09      Read:1086      Translator:Li Yue

    On the morning of September 22th, after the flag raising ceremony, our school held a brief and solemn ceremony for Yuan Xiaosong(more content about Yuan’s winning "Soong Ching Ling Scholarship" can be seen in the school news website  on 19th). President Li Yaqing personally awarded medals and Certificates of Honor to him. 
    Yuan Xiaosong develops himself in an all-around way and has ideal mind. He is a student with both ability and integrity. By diligent studying, independence and consciousness, he does an excellent job in the exam and has been among the top ten students in his grade. He loves traditional culture and brush calligraphy. Through practicing martial arts since childhood, and actively participating in physical exercise, he has won numerous awards in competitions; he cares for his family, he usually help his mother with household chores, with his father talk about past and present; he is keen to public welfare, and lead the students into the community, into the nursing home, help to create a harmonious society. As a monitor, he always passes the positive energy to his classmates! 
    President Li encourages Yuan Xiaosong to keep on working hard, win glory for our school and hopes that other students would emulate his example, be well developed morally, intellectually and physically.

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