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Professionalism and Wisdom Lead to the Continuous Improvement of Class
Time:2014-10-15 21:06:26      Read:1063      Translator:Xu Jiahan
    In the past three weeks, over 20 junior teachers from different subjects showed themselves in open class competition. They based on subject characteristics and practical experience, illustrated their class closely from core contents and research situation, created a loose and harmonious atmosphere, activated the students’ emotional state. They paid attention to presupposition as well as students’ outcome, focused on different levels of students and their participation, gaining and development. We can see the revealing value of different subjects, promoting the process of thinking and questioning, communication and display. The classes are full of teaching wit and intelligence, from which the teachers’ deep understanding on curriculum idea, their variety of processing the class and profound subject teaching quality were shown in the competition.
   After school leaders and teachers viewed classes, they clarified the clue, made reflection, highlighted the advantages, analyzed problems, and tried to seek the best solutions. Our final goal is to practice school’s core idea, “All for students, For all students, For students’ all” as the faculty members’ passionate aim, to let the classroom become the place to commune with nature, and coruscate vitality and personality charm, making the course an enlightenment and self-improvement process for students.
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