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Sunlight and Dew Moisten the Seedlings, Autumn Fruits Please the Gardeners
Time:2015-9-16 11:28:04      Read:963      Translator:He Wei

     On September 10th, the sky under a drizzle, our school has thirty-first teachers' day. Today, Student representatives dressed in Chinese traditional clothes, Hanfu, standing at the school gate, to show their Chinese traditional etiquette, Yi Li, to every teacher, sending the most sincere blessing: “Happy Teachers’ Day!"
    September 3rd, the 70 anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's Anti Japanese War and the world anti fascist war parade, let us see a strong country, from which we can understand the truth: a powerful nation needs a strong education. Only by respecting teachers and education, arming with the power of knowledge, could we rejuvenate the Chinese nation, so all the teachers are great. There is an old saying: a teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime. Every teacher should be honored and blessed. Teacher is always our most admired people, the teacher's education, is a bright sunshine into every student's heart.
    At the same time, the school also called on the students to show their own practical actions to the teacher to send a holiday blessing. And tell the students, the teacher’s requirement is no more than the students’ smiles, greetings, an effort, progress is the best gift. The school sends out the following suggestions to the whole school:
1. Say hello when meeting teachers.
2. Write down the words of blessing on the blackboard.
3. Make a Thanksgiving card for the teacher.
4. Record the wonderful moments of interactions, and share the joy with the teachers.
5. During the teacher's day, the students should be very energetic to cooperate with the teachers in class, and this silent tribute could be the teacher's most profound memory.
     The bows from students make teachers happy. Blessing words of the students let teachers’ spirit multiplied and radiant. Listening to music during the break let teachers feel happy.
     Today, every action is the expression of love, all carrying the blessings of the students. The students enjoy being educated unconsciously by knowledgeable, venerable, persistent teachers. 
     Let us care for each other, be grateful to teachers and show our sincere respect for our teachers, thank you!


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