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Campers Enjoy| Amazing Day with Tangshan Shadow Play and Games
Time:2017-7-5 17:29:02      Read:666      Translator:Admin

1. Dancing with Light and Shadow -- A Taste of Tangshan Shadow Play


2.Tangshan Shadow Play is also  known as "Donkey Skin Shadow". During the performance, artists play the shadow puppet behind the shadow screen and sing in dialect accompanied by musical  instruments. This form of art is regarded as the originator of modern animation.


3.Teachers from Hebei Museum  introduced the origin of Tangshan Shadow Play, its production, and its form of performance, so  that students had a detailed and comprehensive understanding of this particular form of art. 


4.Many curious students  started to touch and feel the texture of the Shadow Creatures, took at the subtle carvings carefully in their own hands , and marveled at the delicate texture and bright colors as soon as they saw them. Since it was the first time for most of  the students to watch the live show of Tangshan Shadow Play, they were filled with curiority and excitement towards this ancient form of art. In the  subsequent part of the interaction, students took to the stage and participated in the show themselves, overwhelmed by the artistic subtlety of it that even science cannot capture.


5.With the flickering shadow, a veil, a few lamps, seven or eight people, and a few musical instruments, the classic show of “Three Strikes of the White Skeleton” was well coordinated,  and vividly presented. 


6.Through this kind of cultural exchanges, the intangible cultural heritage of China will be better inherited and protected by the younger generations. As for the students from Hebei International School, this activity not only enriches  their cultural life, but also helps stimulate their understanding and love of China and cultivate their sense of national pride and cultural identity through the unparalleled charm of this traditional Chinese heritage.


7.Our campers became intimate friends after two days of taking various courses and activities together. In the last session of the camp, they enjoyed themselves so much and had a lot of fun together. 


8.The combination of the games “Truth or Dare ” and “Word Guessing” stimulated a round of excitement. Campers found it relaxing, entertaining and involving. Their teamwork spirit and their collaborative efforts in the well designed games invited ever lasting applauses from the audience and the teachers.


9.With the laughters and applauses,our camp came to an end. But the campers will reunite in September and new achievements are destined to be made in their two years stay in Hebei International School before they become qualified freshmen in the world renowned universities. So goodbye and see you all in September!

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