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Do Not Fail to Do Good Even If It’s Small; Do Not Engage in Evil Even If It’s Small -------The Report of Legal System in No. 42 Middle School
Time:2017-12-13 18:29:56      Read:729      Translator:Education Office

In order to enlarge the students’ knowledge of the law, to improve their sense of rule and to normalize their actions in daily life, our school organized a report of legal system for Junior one students on December 11,2017.


The report was divided into four parts: the law in the mind, the fear of the law, act by the law and protect the law. The teacher illustrated the content in different ways, using the simple words to explain. The teacher took advantage of the social news, which was close to the students’ daily life to warn students that crime may results from the ignorance of the law. The teacher illustrated the relation between the law and the respect for the law by telling the story of the unicorn and also said that everyone should maintain the respect and the authority of the law. No one can violate it. At the end of the report, the teacher used a case to tell students that all the evil came from the small thing and it was late to regret when you were in prison. The whole report illustrated the things clearly, including both the cases and also the stories. All the students were attracted by this report and learned a lot of knowledge about the law from it.

  After the report, the students said that the cases used in this report made them think deeply and also learned the knowledge of the law which was ignored in the past. Law is not only the thing that limit our actions and speaking, it also can protect  us. This report helped students improve their sense of distinguishing right from wrong and the ability to resist the evil temptation. It also helped students to learn to act by law, protect their own rights by law so that they can be a law-abiding students.

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