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The principal of New York Military Academy came
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What kind of conditions do you need if you want to study abroad? If you can’t fit in your surrounding, how can you solve it? On October, 15th, Zhangjie, the principal of New York Military Academy was invited to Shijiazhuang No.42 middle school to share her experience with the students from international classes in grade one and two.


Based on her own study and work experience, principal Zhang made a clear guideline for students in international classes, mainly from the following aspects:  foreign language study, academy initiation and communication in daily life.

Principal Zhang emphasized the importance of studying English. “ Learning English is a process. It will make your study be left behind if you hope to improve your English after you go abroad.”

The outstanding people are fully developed. If you study abroad, you have to improve your scores and also you have to be honest. Principal Zhang said to the students, knowledge is the basis for you to survive in the society. We should take a positive attitude to deal with our study.

One of the problems that students were concerned is that “ whether Chinese are discriminated overseas”. Principal Zhang said that “ discrimination ” is one of the cultural differences. We should introspect  and communicate with others and also find the core of the question and solve the controversy.

At the end of the speech, principal Zhang took her own daughter who studied in Berkerly and her son who studied in Harvard for example. “ The famous universities in the world are not too far to reach only if you do your best to achieve this dream. I hope you can be confident enough to say that “ I’m ready when you apply for the university. 

This speech solved some students’ problems about studying abroad.

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