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Our school has become a basement of international talents for Beijing Foreign Studies University
Time:2018-10-16 10:57:43      Read:590      Translator:河北国际学校

The summit of BFSU cultivating international talents and conference of origin schools of talents was held in Beijing on October 15th . Our school was honored as a outstanding unit to cultivate the international talents.


     The theme of this meeting is new era, new norm and new way. The members of this meeting had a discussion about the school construction, teachers development and the aim of cultivating international talents, according to national policy and new era’s requirement.

     Deputy Principal Zhang said “ our goal is to set up more international high-quality talents for our nation’s revival and new era’s development”. Self-identity and understanding for our culture are our special belief we international talents should have. “ I think our students should all have this eyesight. International talents cultivating is a systematic process. Not only should the belief of talents development be built up, but the quality and school construction ought to be improved as well as the educational teaching revolution and the new courses research.

      The basement of talents cultivating of BFSU was set up in November in 2017. It aims to accord with government’s policy and strikes the special status and advantage for developing international talents in “One Belt and One Road”, which, in a way, can promote the connection between talents in different periods and pave the way for cultivating compound, multi-language and high-level talents with Chinese feeling, international eyesight, critical thinking and the ability to communicate with exchanging culture in a whole way.

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