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In 2018, the education work conference of Xinhua District (No.42) won the honorary title of "leading group with outstanding achievements"
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On the morning of March 15, at the 2018 district education work conference organized by the Education Bureau of Xinhua District, our school won the honorary title of "outstanding performance leadership" of the education system of Xinhua District, Shijiazhuang City, CPC. Tian Rongfeng, deputy head of Xinhua District, the leading group of the Education Bureau and the heads of various departments, the principals and directors of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the whole district attended the meeting.

At the meeting, President Li Yaqing delivered a speech as a representative of an excellent school, and made an empirical analysis and introduction on the topic of "cultivating education to achieve outstanding life". President Li said that in 2017, the college entrance examination of our school has achieved excellent results. Each subject index of the senior high school entrance examination is among the best in Xinhua District; the score of the college entrance examination is again at a new high, the number one scholar in Arts and Sciences of Xinhua continues to spend money on our school, and the candidates with more than 600 points in the district are accepted by our school. "Because of the outstanding achievements, our school won the first prize in the college entrance examination of Shijiazhuang Municipal Bureau of education. It is the only school among all District middle schools in the city that has won this award."

The achievement of excellent results is due to our solid and efficient work, continuous reform and enterprising spirit of exploration, as well as our continuous cultivation education for students.

Then, President Li introduced the effective strategies of leading teachers in our school to study and cultivate students' development from three aspects: optimizing time management of "learning habit cultivation", "strengthening detail education of" behavior habit cultivation "and" excellent habit cultivation ", so as to improve students' comprehensive quality and learning quality through cultivation education.

We should respect the growth of life and seek back the essence of education. "Let every student in No. 42 middle school wake up their life consciousness in their growth, and let every student in No. 42 middle school enjoy poetry and distance in their growth." It is the transmission of educational life force and the eternal educational pursuit of the 42 middle school students!

Then, deputy director Li Zheng reported the comprehensive assessment results of work performance of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in 2017.  Shijiazhuang No. 42 middle school won the first prize of "outstanding performance leadership".

President Li Yaqing said that our school will continue to strengthen team building and style building, establish overall awareness and development awareness, creatively carry out education and teaching, and make new and greater contributions to the construction of a strong provincial capital education area, the charm of Xinhua, and the people's satisfaction education.

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