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Cheer up! Hope for the end of military training! Hebei International School Education Group junior high school military training aerobics performance successfully concluded!
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The sky is clear and the white clouds are surging to assist us. The military training team will display the Army spirit! On the afternoon of September 11, 2020, the military training Parade Performance of Hebei International School Education Group was held as scheduled. Under the careful organization of Xiao Hailan, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, under the strict guidance of the instructors and the company of the head teacher, he reported the tense and orderly performance organization and the constant applause of the students, which made a perfect summary of the ten day military training.

The aerobics performance is mainly divided into two parts: brisk walking and intensive running. The first item of the general exercise is the report performance of grade one students. The instructors will bring their own training class into the field, thousand exhortations, ten thousand instructions, "do you want to be the first?" "Let's go in the last row, we'll be the first!" "I'm watching you from afar!" The instructors' tone is like sending their children to the war. They are full of expectation and yearning.

The head teachers are looking forward to it like a mother. They take out their mobile phones one by one and keep taking pictures of their students: far, close, front, back I would like to record every step and arm lift of the students. Although junior high school students are young, their ambition is very high. Look at them, a pair, a row, hold their heads high, swing their arms high, slogans ring, do not want to live up to the instructor's teaching, but hope to win honor for the class!

Then, senior one students report the performance. This session of high school freshmen master the essentials of brisk walking and intensive running very quickly, and each class is neat and beautiful. After the middle school entrance examination, the freshmen of senior high school are all like the gold in the yellow sand. In the team of this class, they have firm eyes, hold their heads high and show the most indomitable fighting spirit and the most fearless spirit! The excellent performance of the freshmen in senior high school let the judges and teachers express that it is very shocking to achieve such effect in a short period of ten days!

The vigorous walking and intensive running of the straight promotion class can be called the classic in military training. The 59 students are in good order, with loud and clear slogans. Their morale shakes the whole stadium and is the most beautiful scenery on the sports ground!

At the end of the exciting aerobics performance, Secretary Xiao hairan delivered a speech. On behalf of the school, Secretary Xiao expressed his heartfelt thanks to the instructors and class teachers for their painstaking, selfless dedication and the spirit of forgetting to eat and sleep, for their exemplary, exemplary and strict training quality, for their unknown and diligent work and for their class teachers With the constant care and care for the students, the head teachers gave up their small family for everyone, which provided a strong guarantee for the military training. After that, the instructors gathered and waved goodbye to the students. Watching the instructors walk out of the playground with neat steps, many students left tears.

Finally, vice president Li Yulan sent a glorious banner to the person in charge of military training, and on behalf of the school, sincerely thanks the people's children and soldiers for their strong support for the national defense education of our school.

Li Yuehui and Lu Yanhui, two directors of the education department, awarded awards to the military training model soldiers of each class, encouraging the students to bring the spirit of fearing hardships and fighting for the first to the coming three years of study and life.

Hope for the end of military training! In a twinkling of an eye, the military training of grade 2020 grade one and senior one has come to an end. This military training is to sharpen the will quality of our students, and also an important part of "buckle the first button of life". The students not only received basic military training, but also strengthened their national defense awareness and concept; they not only tempered the organizational discipline and style of work, but also absorbed the spirit of patriotism, collectivism and revolutionary heroism; they not only experienced the arduous training, but also added the feelings of loving, rejuvenating and glorifying the school. We believe that students will open a new chapter in their middle school career with more tenacious perseverance and outstanding quality.




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